My dream library!

I have always cherished this dream of owning a nice big library, and I hope that one day, this dream will indeed come true. :-)
I know there are lots of feasibility issues, most of them concerning budget and financing, but hey! Dreams do not depend on any of these, right?

So here is how I imagine my library should be:

The decor will be classic and old-school - Well-lit aisles, shelves and shelves of various types of books, classic wooden decor, cosy seating arrangement, and so on.

There will be kids' books and adults' books, in print and in audio. There will be no DVDs or video games of any kind - my library will be an old-fashioned one. However, there will be a lot of activities; but they will all be related to books.

The kids' section will contain comics, graphic novels, spelling books, poetry books, picture books and story books in different languages. There will also be several books about history, and cultures, and important people - but they will be very colorful, with lots of pictures.

The Adults' section will consist of the Fiction and Non-fiction parts, in the ratio 4:1 I guess. :D (I have always believed that novels have taught me a lot more than self-help books have).

Non-fiction will mostly contain magazines, Dummies series, Idiot's Guides, and so on.
The fiction part will boast of exclusive and entire collections of my favorite authors. I may not be able to showcase thousands of authors, but the ones that I will, I will like all of their books in my collection. Also, the books will mostly be paper-backs, and not hard-bound, 'cause I have always preferred a book that I can carry around anywhere with me, and hold with ease. Sorry hard-bound book lovers!
The collection will be a balanced mix of classics and contemporary novels. And how can I forget the short stories! My library will surely boast of a wonderful collection of short stories from all around the world, written by different authors - small and big, and addressing a variety of genres, topics, and target age groups.

Now for the activities:
Ideally, I would LOVE to have book readings from celebrated writers; however, considering the budget is tight just for the library to exist, the 'celebrated writers' bit is too far-fetched. Nevertheless, there will be book reading by common earthlings who are very good at reading out books, and this will be a regular event at the library.
There will be contests and games for children and adults; and several other activities too! 

I also plan to start a mobile library service for schools in the area, where we will loan some books, create awareness about books, and conduct competitions.

The whole idea is actually to provide opportunities to as many people as I can, to enjoy, relish and cherish books, as I always did; 'cause when they say that books are our best friends, they aren’t lying! That way, doesn't a library become our best friends' home? :)

Do let me know your thoughts about this library, and how I can make the library better. :)


  1. Have a cafe alongside it... Who other than a bookworm knows the pleasure of reading a book while drinking a hot cup of tea... :)

    1. Interesting suggestion! I'd just have to be more careful while checking the books for damages, though. :P

      Anyways, welcome to the blog, Anu! Keep reading, and writing in. :)


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