Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Book Review - Gone Girl

Author: Gillian Flynn

Date of Publication: 28 May 2012

Genre: Suspense, Noir, Psychological Thriller

Legacy: This book has been on several bestsellers lists for quite some time now. It is the author's third book.

Age Group: 18 years or older

So, there's this "perfect" couple, married for five years. Sometime during these five years, the perfectness has begun diminishing, so much that at the end of five years, both, the husband and the wife, think they don't love each other any more. In fact, the husband finds the wife gone from their home, on their fifth anniversary! Typical American marriage story, you say?

Naah - this one is much more complex than that. As it turns out, the wife's not gone, she's missing. With a lot of evidence left behind that may send her husband to jail, and possibly, to his death!

The husband, of course, claims differently and the story keeps intermittently turning the hunter into the hunted, and back.

Written in form of chapters and diary entries that present both the husband and the wife's versions of stories, this novel keeps you captivated mainly through its shocking twists and turns. The nice part is that the author keeps these 'shocking' twists very much believable, just as she keeps the couple's changing emotions quite realistic. It is quite interesting to see how the bright and beautiful equations turn to bland and boring, and then into dark, mysterious and even scary.

The first half of the novel is slightly slow, when the characters and their plights are being introduced. There are some things so elaborately described, that you start thinking they are going to play a big role in the story - but alas - the simply vanish in the second half. However, I didn't mind that much, because the story really picks up by then; so much that I didn't want to put the novel down.
The ending of the novel makes you sigh - it perfectly fits into the theme of the book, and, yeah it makes you sigh...

The novel is definitely worth a read if you like dark, psychological stuff. Even if you don't, give it a try - may be you will take a liking - this book is good!

Rating: 3.5 on 5

Positives: Superb concept, well-researched, unbelievable yet very believable

Negatives: Slow narrative in the beginning