Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Organize your reading with GoodReads

For quite a few years, I have been taking quite some pride in my bookshelves... I have maintained them in 3 of my rented houses and 2 of my husband's houses (Important note: To leave no room for ambiguity - same husband, two houses. :P Also, those interested in grammar must have noticed that the apostrophe is before 's' and not after it :P :P). I love periodically taking stock of my collection of books, sorting them, and arranging them on the shelves. My husband sometimes laughs at me when I change the arrangements depending on alphabetical order, or size, or genre, and so on.

I am quite happy doing this in the physical world; however, not all the books I read are physically on my bookshelves. I use the library a lot - because for one, I love the whole system, and two - we have to admit, buying all our own copies does cost us an arm and a leg. So it is hard for me to keep track of all the books that I read. I could have designed my own inventory I suppose, but procrastination did not encourage me to do it. (!) I tried a few online options such as Google Books, Altido, and a couple of other obscure websites whose names I don't even recollect, but nothing really caught my fancy. That is, until I came across on my Facebook News Feed.

Goodreads is basically a social cataloging site, where you can list the books you have read and add the reading dates, your ratings, and your reviews, among other things. You can create bookshelves in which you can arrange your books however you want (yeah, according to genre, or alphabetically or by any other parameter you can think of - cool na!). They also have quizzes on books - for those who are bookworms, like me, will find this feature very alluring! :)

You can also check out what your friends have been reading, and their ratings and reviews. It's a great way to know about your friends' literary lives, in addition to their social lives that we sometimes get bored of reading about, on Facebook and the likes! :)

Bottom line: If you are a book lover, do visit You'll enjoy the time you spend there, and will get much more organized, too! :)

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